Home Information Packs


Home Information Packs have been suspended by the coalition Government, meaning that home sellers will no longer need to obtain these packs prior to a sale. The only document that vendors will need is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which will need to commissioned once the property is listed for sale. The EPC element will not need to be available in order for the marketing of the property to commence, meaning that properties can go on market without any initial delay.

We will work with you to ensure that all the legalities behind your home sale are complete, making sure that every 'reasonable effort' has been made to obtain the EPC within 28 days of the property coming to market.


The EPC will tell you how energy efficient the home is. It will be rated on a scale of A - G. The most energy efficient home will have an A rating. The EPC will also advise as to the impact the home has on the environment. Better rated homes will have lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Government believes the average property in the UK will be in bands D - E. Recommendations will also be included in the EPC about how to make the home more energy efficient.